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Episode #284 Former Bush Attorney General John Ashcroft is working for Blackwater. Other Bush-era officials making the media rounds this week in a meager attempt to convince the world Dubya was right include Condi Rice, who calls Bush's bullhorn moment at Ground Zero "probably the most important maybe in American history."

Violence continues in Syria AKA The Place We Don't Care About. Assad's goons have arrested hundreds of dissidents and an Al Jazeera journalist has disappeared.

Also, now you can dress your dog like an asshole, too, with exciting "Osama's dead" puppy t-shirts.

Bradley Manning's living conditions have vastly improved now that he's been transferred to Fort Leavenworth. You can write Bradley at the following address (send him words of support!)

Bradley Manning


Sabalu RoadFort

Leavenworth, KS 66027-2315

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