Citizen Radio

Episode #83

The press is freaking out because Al Franken is acting like a Democrat. Perish the thought:

Allison and Jamie read some fan mail that redeems Chomsky fans everywhere. 

Dan Mathews, the Senior Vice President of PETA joins Citizen Radio. Mathews is known for heading PETA's most controversial and attention-getting campaigns, including the "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" ads, as well as campaigns involving celebrities such as Morrissey, Pamela Anderson, Pink, and Paul McCartney.

Mathews explains PETA’s complicated relationship with the press, and sheds some light on how PETA has gained its radical reputation, in addition to explaining how vegetarianism is great for the environment, and the meat industry is responsible for some of the world’s cruelest, worst polluting behavior.

The interview is quite enlightening (even for the meat-eating crowd,) so tune in!

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